rick bartow - guitar, lead vocals
matt pugliese - guitar, vocals
boxy breedlove - bass, vocals
wes paich - drums, vocals
spackle - keys, vocals, transportation, zim zam

Lovetester was founded in 1999 as a vehicle to play songs from Rick Bartow's solo CD Asstravaganza.
The band is currently playing shows supporting their new CD SLOWMENTUM.

Rick met Wes and Boxy while performing with project object - a Frank Zappa
tribute band that toured the country with various Zappa band alumni such
as Ike Willis, Napoloeon Murphy Brock, Don Preston, and Bunk Gardner.

Rick had been playing with Matt since they were kids and the two
have since formed a psychic bond that is beyond the understanding of the most modern science.

The band later broke Spackle out of the nut hut so he could play keys
and drive them around.

In 2006, the band posted a song a day on it's website.
These songs were and still are available for free at


We love all types of music - Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Ween, YES, Rush, King Crimson, ELP, Neil Young, Paul Simon, Weird Al, Wesley Willis. We are always learning, practicing and striving for excellence. We know you have your choice of bands and we really do appreciate your support.


Now we are working on a fully formed rock show featuring
spontaneous improvisational explosions as well as rehearsed compositions.

There is much more to the story so please email us with
any questions or check back here for updates.

stay in touch with us so you can be the first one to hear about gigs, contests and pool parties. find us on facebook and join the good ole fashion email list.

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